ATPC Media Finland Lapland Finnland Lappland


Above The Polar Circle Media

ATPC Media Finland Lapland Finnland Lappland

The company ATPC Media sees itself as a kind of window through which the inclined visitors can look out over the region above the polar circle.


In the shape of its internet presence it opens the viewer multiple angles to Lapland, Finland, the area north of 66° 33′ 44″ latitude.


The acronym »ATPC« addresses all aspects of the company and with the name all of the main ambitions can be represented.


The focus lies on the lives »above the polar circle!«

ATPC - what does that mean?
bove       A RT                    - handicrafts from Lapland
T he           T EXTS                - all kind of texts
P olar         P ICTURES         - photographs/videos
C ircle       C REATIVITY     - all of this needs creativity



Why »Media«?

The company does not want to set stubborn on a line, but is based on several pillars.


»Media« the plural form of »medium«; collective term for newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, television, film, photographs and other information carriers or means of communication.


ATPC Media deals with media that have a particular relation to life above the polar circle and wants this in a creative and flexible way.


With publishing of novels, which are mainly located in Lapland/the north, an internet shop, with photographs, videos and a blog!



Have fun exploring my pages!



Mikki H. ATPC Media Finland Lapland Finnland Lappland

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