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One of the main pillars and perhaps the soul of ATPC Media: Literature and text.


From ideas, notes and manuscripts the project was born, to call a publishing or media house to life.


End of May 2014 the founder, Mikki H., published his first novel »Pilluralli« in German.

In Feburary 2015 the second, »Kossu & Ouzo«, followed.


His stories are set in areas above the Polar Circle, or have a strong connection to it.


Currently, only novels by Mikki H. are published on ATPC Media.

They are available on Amazon as an e-book as well as paperback and at many other known platforms, such as Kobo.


We hope better sooner than later there are also translations in English obtainable.

That is a big goal for the company and the author!



Basic english information about the published and soon becoming published novels of Mikki H. :



ISBN-13: 978-1499603309

ISBN-10: 1499603304

Immerse yourself in an entertaining, about cultural and geographical peculiarities informative, funny, but also sad story of generational differences.


Spiced with the exotic flair of Lapland.


Yrjö Ahvenjärvi, 65-year-old pensioner, never understood them. The young posers, pointless cruising around in the area in their souped-up cars. Always looking for the opposite sex.

And yet he continued to be intensively together with the subculture of youngsters in their small Finnish-Lapland village. He was accepted and became somehow one of them. His marriage and friendships were about to stop, but he could not be dissuaded from his path, to stand by his decisions and finally he was faced with a big surprise.

Pilluralli ATPC Media Finland Lapland Finnland Lappland


In February 2015, the second novel by Mikki H. appeared.


Experience ´Efharisto` in Lapland and ´Kiitos` on the Greek island of Rhodes.


Two completely different characters, one from Greece the other from Finland swap lives for a year and get to know the environment and culture of their on time homeland.


German version obtainable on Amazon as a paperback and E-Book and in the electronic format in many other online stores.



Mikki H. ATPC Media Finland Lapland Finnland Lappland

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