A novel by Mikki H.

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Third place

Indie Author Award 2015

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ISBN-13: 978-1499603309

ISBN-10: 1499603304

Immerse yourself in an entertaining, about cultural and geographical peculiarities informative, funny, but also sad story of generational differences.


Spiced with the exotic flair of Lapland.


Yrjö Ahvenjärvi, 65-year-old pensioner, never understood them. The young posers, pointless cruising around in the area in their souped-up cars. Always looking for the opposite sex.

And yet he continued to be intensively together with the subculture of youngsters in their small Finnish-Lapland village. He was accepted and became somehow one of them. His marriage and friendships were about to stop, but he could not be dissuaded from his path, to stand by his decisions and finally he was faced with a big surprise.

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