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The chaga extract or instant chaga

Here you can see the difference. Left side is twice extracted chaga powder - right side is the untreated raw chaga powder!

The twice extracted chaga - the strongest powersource in the chaga product range.  

Above you can see the difference between normal raw dried and grinded powder and the dark brown extract of chaga mushroom. It is a extremely fine, heavy leftover of a very elaborate drying procedure.

The powder gets twice, with hot water (Polysaccharids/Beta-Glucane) and ethanol (Phytosterol, Triterpenoids, betulinic acid, etc.) extracted and again dried.


If it has to go fast or if you dont want or cannot drink so much chaga-tea as you wish. Especially for people who are unable to drink larger amounts (eg. during chemotherapy),  the extract is an ideal alternative. 

Also perfect on the go, for the office, the holiday, etc., since you no longer have to simmer and only in hot water all the ingredients are dissolved.


Easy to prepare and VERY PROFITABLE.
Just add half a teaspoon in a cup of hot water, stir and enjoy. 


The taste is more pronounced/stronger than the infusion with the pure, non-extracted powder. 
If it tastes not so good, improve for example, with liquoricepowder, honey, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, mint, etc. (But you get used to the taste quickly.)


One can / 50 grams lasts for about 120 cups! 


The extract dissolves completely in hot water.

One teaspoon per day / adult. The extract is very strong in its ingredients.
However, there are no proven side effects.


Beside the extract powder there are also drops available. 

Taking the drops is just as simple: Twice daily 15 drops directly with the spoon or on any food. Done.



It has never been so easy to do something good for yourself!

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Extract powder 50 grams
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Extract drops
50 ml
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