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to ATPC Media, Lapland/Finland!



So you‘ve made ​​it to my window to Lapland!

I am very happy about that and I hope there is a lot of interesting stuff, beautiful and worth mentioning to discover!


Either you are a Scandinavia lover and looking for information from this stunning

area or you‘re searching for fascinating landscape photos.

Or you found your way here by my books.

My site aims equally to people who show interest in Lapland, as well to the readers of my stories.


If you want to know what it is all about with the »ATPC Media« project,

take a look here .


»Above the polar Circle!«

Yes - there I live and work.

And with my homepage I want to do my part to bring you closer to this area of our planet.


Literature, photographs, artworks, texts, background information!

All from one source! Can be found on:


Send me your thoughts, desires, critics  concerning my website! I am happy about every message!


And I wish you fun with exploring my sites!





















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Published by now only in German.


To be translated hopefully in near future ...