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Chagapow(d)er in teabags

Simple as it gets. In 4 delicious flavors! Make chaga tea like conventional tea in a tea bag!

Now we have the Chaga in a practically teabag.

Very easy to prepare! Like common tea.

Ideal to take with you to the office, for holiday, to the mother in law or to the neighbour!

Simply put the bag into a cup, add hot water, let infuse 5-10 minutes and: Enjoy!


Tasty for drinking as tea! 4 different delicious perfectly matched flavors!

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- Original - nothing but pure chaga powder, but still tasty

- Cinammon - kardamom

- Citrus Mix - tasty ginger/citron blend

- Vanilla

Very efficient! - Up to 5 times infusion with only one tea bag possible!


Gently dried, grounded and filled into tea bags. Only with the best ingredients!



If it has to go fast or you do not have a pot available.
Also suitable for the office, the holiday, etc., since you only need hot water. 
Uncomplicated in the preparation and VERY PRODUCTIVE.



It has never been so easy to do something good for yourself!



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