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More than just a tourist shop.


Although you can buy at Sanna Alatalo´s place everything imaginable from souvenirs to clothes, toys, Lappish handicraft and lots more, this special character tops it.                                                              


Here I present a selection of links to friends, interesting sites and other findings in the worldwide net (the one above the polar circle of course ...), which seem to me worth mentioning.

Also you can see this part as a small travel guide.

Not only virtual locations are presented, even very real ones. Such to put a hand on. To visit and pop in.


The recommendations are coming from me personally. I think they`re good and I believe that they could be helpful/funny to other people.


I am not doing that as a return for something, entirely voluntary.

The page should not display an advertising space. Inquiries in this regard are pointless.


I hope you find those small hints useful and you like it!

Link collection from above the polar circle.

Who dares to swim in the double bottom lake?


A mystical place - not only for the Sami people.

Lapin helvetti

Sannan putikki