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Here our Chaga-powder is produced!

If an item gets popular and there is demand on the market, then, of course, it brings dubious protagonist on the plan.


We take our chaga from a Finnish producer. The fungus is collected from the wild. Partly in Lapland and partly in Siberia.


The pieces are getting dried and this process is closely monitored.

The company of the leading Finnish producers of chaga-products is compact and for the two operators stands on top, the quality and love for their products. The being convinced of a product.


It was important for me to get to know the people behind it and to see, to feel, to taste their products.
Therefore, I was happy to drive the 550 kilometers to make me a picture of it.



When I arrived home I had the feeling that I found the right people. People with a vision. With faith in their product. With attention to content. Not just profiteering, but honest enthusiasm.


When I met the manager, the first thing he has given to me have been the official documents. He voluntarily let’s all of his products verify and certify by independent institutes.

I am drinking myself every day up to 1.5 liters infusion from the pakuri powder.


And also I like to give on my passion for this gift of mother nature!



For any kind of questions about the chaga I look forward to your letter or phone call:



We are selling the birch mushroom in powdered form, as an extract and in easy to prepare tea bags.
Currently we offer package sizes of 100, 200 and 500 grams.


If you are interested in larger units please contact us:


Finland has horrendous shipping costs. But we will find a solution.

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                                    Stay healthy! 

Our pakurikääpä - our chaga

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