Lapin helvetti - The hell of Lapland











Up to 50 meters high, rugged rocks rise on the saivo lake, sáiva in Sami language.

The Sami people suspected in their depths the spirits of the dead .

The lake pakasaivo has a second floor. At the intermediate bottom of the lake they found several holes and from those originates on the other hand, another lake. The other way round.

So all together the lake is at least 90 metres deep.

After about 50 metres scientists found the first bottom.

The crystal clear surface water does not mix with the groundwater, where the hydrogen sulfide concentration is very high.

The pakasaivo has no in- or outflow, it is fed by underground springs, the saivot.

The oxygen-poor, ice-cold bottom water layer may preserve ancient relics, such as boats, woods, sacrificial gifts of thousands, perhaps hundred thousands years of age.

The Sami feared the lake and sacrificed reindeers and meat to the people of the sáiva to vote good-natured. They whispered about interchanged children and that the leaders of the ghost people act against bad humans.

Undeniably, this lake is still full of secrets and the depth indication is merely an estimate.


Who dares to swim in the Lapin helvetti, the hell of Lapland?

If you were brave, then send me your photos:


Not far from the canyon lake you find a parking place. In a large, cozy Kota can brought along sausages be grilled and there is even a self-service-desk.

The operators seems to thrust on the honesty of the guests. Throw your money in the wooden cashier slot and you can take coffee, tea, pulla (yeast-risen pastry) and soft drinks.

And you should always pay enough, because the people of the sáiva are not far away and who knows what would happen in the mirror lake and which dormant spirits could wake up.


GPS: 67.616570 , 23.791590



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