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Here you will find detailed information and photos of the most valuable medicinal fungus on earth.


We sell the Chaga mushroom in powder form, as an extract and in very functional tea bags.

Our source is a Finnish manufacturer whom we know personally very well.

The fungus is collected from the wild. Partly in Lapland, some in Siberia. 

You can order the fungus as a powder in 100 grams, 200 grams and 500 grams packages.

As an extract in powder or as drops.

Chaga tea bags - also available.

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All prices incl. 14% VAT, plus shipping costs

Chaga powder collected from the wild

Pure nutrient-, vitamin- and mineral-treasure! Chaga powder in top quality!

Mostly used to prepare tea or for applications on the skin. 

Find here more information about usage ...


PAKURI - a gift of mother nature

Pakurikääpä / Tschaga or Chaga / Schiefer Schillerporling / Inonotus obliquus -Many names for the probably most valuable medicinal fungus on earth.


There are more than 1.5 million different mushrooms on our planet. 14 000 to 22 000 we know. Approximately 700 of them are considered edible mushrooms and 400 of them have healing properties.

And we know from Chaga for thousands of years - a natural, occurring on deciduous trees nutrient-, vitamin- and mineral-treasure.

It has the highest concentration of antioxidant substances of all plants in the world!

All prices incl. 14% VAT, plus shipping costs

Chaga pow(d)er in teabags

Now you can prepare your Chaga tea easilly with tea bags.

From the teabag range, there are currently 4 different delicious flavors available:


Original, vanilla, cinnamon-cardamom, citrus-mix

To find out more about the different teabag variants: read more ...

All prices incl. 14% VAT, plus shipping costs

Chaga extract or instant chaga

- Made from wild growing, hand-harvested Chaga - from Finland and Siberia!

- The very fertile chaga extract or instant-chaga is totally easy to prepare and has the strongest active substances of all chaga products!

- ORAC value about 97000 - in comparison blueberry powder appr. 6500 ORAC

- Gently dried and grinded, twice extracted, 100% pure chaga

- For drinking as an infusion, for direct consumption in food - Eg. In yoghurt or smoothie as well as for external application

Extract powder
42.50 €

All prices incl. 14% VAT, plus shipping costs

Extract drops
23.50 €

All prices incl. 14% VAT, plus shipping costs

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