The cheapest coffee with pastries from all over Finland - and a hug for free!










1030 road kilometers from Helsinki, 273 road kilometers from above the polar circle can be found directly at the

´Neljän Tuulen tie`, the street of the four winds, a tourist shop, which is more than that.


In addition to the countless available buyable pieces a visit is worth even without buying interest.

Lappish handicrafts, from kuksat to puukot, from stuffed brown bears to reindeer skins and antlers, books, clothing, toys, postcards, reindeer meat, ice cream, candies, wall hangings, candles, jewelry, CDs, and more and more.

At Sanna´s place, the interested traveler will find quite useful and beautiful things and also the inhabitants of the area come by regularly for shopping, chatting or having a coffee.


The owner, Sanna Alatalo, is almost all the time present, surprises with her extroverted character and entertains with her ​​humorous style


Do you still need souvenirs for your beloved ones at home? Are you tired of the long drive up to the north?

Then make a stop at Sanna´s place and drink the cheapest coffee of whole Finland.

A cup of those black liquid with a donut, or other dessert for unbeatable 50 eurocents! And it has been for almost 20 years like that! Inflation? An unknown word in Sonkamuotka!


And even if you do not buy anything , you will get one thing free of charge: 

a deep hug of Lappish owner Sanna!


Don´t forget  to align best wishes from Mikki!


GPS: 68.1623381 , 23.2675766



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