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Marjajauheet - Berrypowder

In 4 different delicious varieties:
Bilberry, lingonberry, blackcurrant and sea buckthorn


  • From the wide and clean forests of Finland and Russia

  • Wild collection, unmistakably higher quality as cultivated berries - the taste is far more aromatic and the berries have a far higher amount of vitamins

  • A healthy and perfect addition to any food, into yoghurt, cereal, smoothie. Wide range of applications



- it is a natural, occurring on deciduous trees nutrient-, vitamin- and mineral-treasure.


It has the highest concentration of antioxidant substances of all plants in the world!


Here you find a lot of information and images about Chaga! And also ... a possibility to order ...


In its purest form! Top Grade! Natural! 


Do something good for yourself!