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»Mikki H.« Finnish citizen, born 1978 in Waidhofen/Ybbs Österreich, grew up in this country as the son of a Finnish mother and an Austrian father.

At the age of 25 years, in 2003, he emigrated with his wife out to Finnish Lapland, where he inhabits his own house in a 900-person village.

Three children are enriching the lives of the couple.


About with the age of thirteen years, coinciding with the receipt of his first computer, Mikki H. set himself a goal to become a novelist. 

However to really get going, he first had to find the freedom and the peace of Laplands nature.


In September 2013 he decided to go an alternative way and finally founded in December of the same year the company »ATPC Media«.

The firm considers, among other things as a publishing or media house.

His novels are self published and appear as paperbacks and E-Books at Amazon.

The electronic version is also available on other online platforms, such as Kobo.


In addition, the company offers on its website information and a blog with articles about life from above the polar circle, an extensive photo gallery (with purchase options) as well as an internet shop for Lappish handicrafts and more products from the north.




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