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A novel by Mikki H.

Pilluralli Cover ATPC Media Finland Lapland ATPC Media Finland Lapland Finnland Lappland

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A novel by Mikki H.


ISBN-13: 978-1508458876

ISBN-10: 1508458871

Have you ever felt like giving up everything, grabbing luck, leaving home, the daily routine and your problems behind?

How about a temporary change of scenery?


Two completely different characters, the wealthy Greek hotelier  Paris Kamakis  and the Finn  Kim Rantala , hotel porter, swap lives for a year, although they have only just met.

But can such a crazy barter that includes everything - bank accounts, jobs, means of transport, social contacts - work?


The familiar, everyday life, always catches up with us. But is the foreign, supposedly interesting, really better?

Homo sapiens is never satisfied. It is usually too cold or too warm for him. The work too monotonous or too responsible.

How does a better off person react to the life of an undemanding person and vice versa?


A fun entertaining developmental novel about two aimless young men trying to find happiness!

Experience ›Efcharisto‹ in Finnish Lapland and ›Kiitos‹ on the Greek island of Rhodes.


A story for those rushed people among us who would also like to leave everything behind and then perhaps find out:


"I'm not that having it that bad after all..."

I hope you enjoy reading it and I would be delighted if you would rate my work (positively) after reading it!

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