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And who is behind all this?


The author/entrepreneur/

the person behind the »ATPC Media« project


»Mikki H.«, Finnish citizen, born in 1978 in Waidhofen/Ybbs Austria, grew up in this very country as the son of a Finnish mother and an Austrian father.

At the age of 25, in 2003, he emigrated with his wife to Finnish Lapland, where he still lives in his own little house in a village of 900 inhabitants.

At the age of about thirteen, at the same time as receiving his first computer, he formulated the goal of becoming a writer for the first time.

However, he could only really get started in the freedom, nature and peace of Lapland.


In September 2013 he decided to go an alternative way and finally founded the company »ATPC Media« in December of the same year.

His novels are self-published and appear on Amazon in print, paperback and e-book.

The electronic variant will also appear on other book platforms, such as Kobo.


The company also offers information on its website and a blog with articles about life above the Arctic Circle,

an extensive photo gallery such as

an internet shop for items from the north with a main focus on dietary supplements such as chaga mushroom and berry powders.



The ATPC-Media team hopes you enjoy discovering these pages,




Mikki H. ATPC Media Finland Lapland ATPC Media Finland Lapland Finnland Lappland

ATPC - what does it mean?

A  bove  T  he  P  olar  C  circle


A  bove      A  RT          - art of  Lapland

T  he        T  EXTS         - Texts of any kind

P  olar       P  ICTURES      - Photographs/Videos

C  circle      C  REATIVITY     - all these things need creativity




Why Media?

The company does not want to stubbornly commit itself to one line, but relies on several cornerstones.


"Media" is the Latin and English plural form of the word medium; Collective term for newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, television, film, photographs and other information carriers or means of communication.


ATPC Media deals with media that relate in particular to life above the Arctic Circle and wants to be creative and flexible.


With publishing novels mainly based in Lapland/North, an internet shop, with photographs, videos and a blog!

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