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a gift of nature

Here you will find detailed information and photos about what is probably the most valuable medicinal mushroom on earth.


We offer the mushroom in powder form  package sizes of 100, 200 and 500 grams ,

in chunk form  as Chaga in its purest form, 

than double extracted extract in powder form of 50 grams,  in the form of drops 50ml ,

as well as already filled into individual tea bags for even easier preparation - in 4  delicious flavors!

For larger orders, please contact us in advance by e-mail or telephone ! We are happy!


Find out about the ordering process!

CHAGA powder

Here you will find top quality chaga powder!

Mainly used to prepare a tea or for external use.

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CHAGA chunks

Here you will find top-quality chaga chunks! Carefully dried to a residual moisture content of 8-10%. (Products from other suppliers 15-20% and more)  

Mainly used to prepare a tea or for external use.

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Chaga Extract / Instant Chaga

- Made from chaga wild collection - from Finnish Lapland!

- The very rich Chaga Extract or Instant Chaga is easy to prepare and has the most powerful active ingredients of all      Chaga products!

- ORAC value of approx. 97000 - In comparison, blueberry powder: approx. 6500 ORAC

- Gently dried and ground, double extracted, 100% pure Chaga

- For drinking as an infusion, for direct consumption in food - e.g. in yoghurt or smoothie as well as on the outside              application

Chaga powder in tea bags

- Chaga tea  in a practical tea bag.

- Easy to prepare!

- Ideal to take to the office, on vacation, to the mother-in-law or to the neighbors!

- Simply pour hot water over it, let it steep for 5-10 minutes and enjoy!

- Delicious to drink as a tea! 4 different delicious flavors!

- Very productive! - You can infuse up to 5 times with just one tea bag!

- gently dried,  ground and filled into tea bags. Only with the best ingredients!

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