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"For a "crime reader" finally something different that captivates you!"

Amazon review

A novel by Mikki H.

"Brilliant - Funny - Fantastic - a story that had great magic from the first line to the last......."

Amazon review

"Chapters that inspire you." -

Texte Fotos Produkte aus Lappland - auch in Romanform!

Pilluralli Cover ATPC Media Finland Lapland ATPC Media Finland Lapland Finnland Lappland

Third place at

Indie Author Award 2015

At the Leipzig book fair

Here is the video of the award ceremony!

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"Sometimes it's sad, then again it makes you laugh and smile, sometimes you just want to shake your head, sometimes you just want to say it like that, or my God is she annoying or unreasonable. - »Pilluralli« surprised me and made me roller coaster of emotions." -


A novel by Mikki H.


ISBN-13: 978-1499603309

ISBN-10:  1499603304

Yrjö discovers the unkempt grave of a young woman, Kukka Kaarina, in the cemetery. He wonders why she had to die at the age of 18. Although he didn't know her, he decides to tend her grave. This alienates not only the community residents, but also Yrjö's wife, Irja. Did the 65-year-old pensioner have a relationship with Kaarina? 
Despite the rumors and a serious relationship crisis with his wife, Yrjö investigates the reason for her death. Together with Satu, a friend of Kaarina, he immerses himself in a world that had long since become foreign to him: that of the village youth in Finnish Lapland. Their preference is the pilluralli – daring driving around in tuned cars, also to hit on girls. Did Kaarina have an accident? Or has she even become a victim of one of these pickups? A randomly appearing photo creates new questions that - like the cause of death - are only answered after surprising twists and turns.

I hope you enjoy reading it and I would be delighted if you would rate my work (positively) after reading it!

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