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Aurora Borealis Gallery

Aurora Borealis - The northern lights or polar lights!

Even those who have spent their entire lives above the Arctic Circle still stand still and gaze in fascination at the foxfire.

When the fox lets its tail graze in the snow and makes its rounds with it, then at night fox fires waft in the firmament, say the Sami, the indigenous people of the north.

It is difficult to put into words what man feels about it; standing beneath it, he dwindles to a speck of dust, struck by the picturesque beauty of a natural phenomenon. Problems and worries stand still for a moment and one feels a certain merging with the power of nature.


My Borealis photos are an example only. But they are far from successful photos. There are definitely countless better ones out there. Nevertheless, I would like to show them here because they give an impression and are mine.

In the coming months and years I will continue the adventure of Northern Lights photography and expand the gallery, as long as hopefully more clear nights appear again in the future.  


I hope the photos inspire despite their poor quality and please one or the other.

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