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200 grams - Chaga chunks
  • 200 grams - Chaga chunks

    200 grams of pure nutrient, vitamin and mineral treasure! Top quality chaga chunks! And at a reasonable price.


    200 grams of a pure nutrient, vitamin and mineral treasure! Chaga chunks in top quality! And for a reasonable price.

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      PAKURI - a gift from nature Pakurikääpä / Tschaga or Chaga / Schillerporling / Inonotus obliquus

      Many names for what is probably the most valuable medicinal mushroom on earth.

      There are over 1.5 million different mushrooms around the world. We know 14,000 - 22,000. About 700 of them are considered edible mushrooms and 400 of them have healing properties. And we've known about chaga for thousands of years - a naturally occurring nutrient, vitamin and mineral resource found on deciduous trees and harvested from birch trees.

      It has the highest concentration of antioxidant substances of any plant in the world!

      The further north and the older the mushroom - the richer and more active ingredients! Our Chaga comes from Finnish Lapland.


      The chunks are dried gently and under constant supervision. The residual moisture content is 8-10%.


      Enjoy your healthy drink made from chunks of chaga mushroom.

    • preparation

      Preparation 1:


      Simmer (do not boil) 3-4 small chunks, approx. 10 grams, in 0.5 liters of hot water for about 15 minutes. The chunks can be reused as long as they release color into the water, but then simmer longer. After preparation, store the chunks in a container covered with water in the refrigerator.

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