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    A bag full of energy and strength. A bag full of forest!

    The gently dried, ground pine needles come from the untouched forests of Finland, from Lapland, where nature is still in harmony, from the cleanest area in Europe.


    Our wild-collected pine needles taste like the forest! They have a fine acidity that comes from the high vitamin C content and a pleasant, fine herbal aroma.

    The smell alone makes you think back to the last walk in the forest.


    No artificial additives are used and no added sugar. And you can taste that too. Extremely  intense and pleasantly fine  in taste.


    Enrich your dishes - Fish and meat can be marinated excellently with the pine needle powder. Sprinkle a teaspoon on your yogurt, muesli, smoothie. Try to make a delicious herbal tea. Or try a pine needle latte! A teaspoon of powder mixed with milk or any plant-based milk, some honey - and the intense green forest aroma dream is ready! Rich in vitamin C


    A healthy, high-quality product that also tastes good!


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    • ingredients

      100% gently dried and ground pine needle powder

    • Warnings

      Do not use if you are allergic to components of the pine: such as bark, needles, oil

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