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    A bag full of energy and power. The Nordic berries come from the pristine forests of Finnish-Lapland.


    The wild blueberry only grows where the conditions are right. In clean air and on clean floors - for example in the vast, untouched forests of Finland. No comparison to cultivated blueberries. You can taste the difference immediately.


    100 grams of this powder is equivalent to about 900 grams of fresh berries.


    The juice is not extracted from the berries during the production of the powder. The berries are gently dried and ground whole. No artificial additives are used and no added sugar.
    And you can taste it too. Extremely intense and pleasantly fine in taste.


    Enrich your dishes, your yoghurt, your muesli, your smoothie with the 100% natural berry powder.


    Rich in vitamins E and K, potassium, copper, iron and fiber.


    Just a teaspoon a day provides you with a decent energy boost.


    A healthy, high-quality product that also tastes good!

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    Application and usage instructions:

    Just a teaspoon a day provides you with a decent energy boost. Simply stir into your food. In your smoothie, quark/quark, yoghurt, muesli, for baking, in tea, ... Extremely versatile.

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